Vegan Leather Minimalist Cardholder

$14.00 $33.00

Know someone who is environmentally conscious and would love a cardholder to protect their valuables? Taking inspiration from the natural world, our natural luxury handmade leaf leather cardholders will make that extra-special gift, for any occasion. Your loved one is bound to treasure one of our natural leaf leather cardholders.

Available in Berry Red, Chestnut Brown, Cinnamon Orange, Dark Lavender, Leaf Green, Midnight Blue, Natural, Pebble Black, Pink Coral, Teal and Tuscan Yellow.

Leaf leather is harvested from fallen leaves, they are then dried and dyed naturally. As every leaf pattern and texture is different, so will our leaf leather cardholders, making every one unique and extra-special. All our products are sustainably produced locally with the highest quality handcrafted finish.

All of our vegan leather products are PETA approved and, as part of our Jungley project, we are working with Eden Reforestation to plant a tree for every item sold. Give a gift back to the planet as well as your loved one with Jungley - heartfelt gifts that don't cost the earth!

Available in a range of stunning colours.

Dimensions: 10.6cm x 7.2cm x 4mm