Vegan Leather Large Clutch Bag

$19.00 $48.00

Keep your valuables safe and secure when you’re out and about with our gorgeous Leaf Leather Clutch Bag in vibrant Berry Red. Great for carrying everyday essentials, it’s the perfect place to store your phone, purse, headphones, or anything else that will get you through the day. Made from vegan leaf leather, you can be sure that they’re eco-friendly as well as stylish!

Available in Dark Lavender, Berry Red and Tuscan Yellow.

Our leaf leather is a cruelty-free, vegan alternative to leather, made from sustainably harvested teak leaves. The leaves are collected, dried and dyed with natural colours, then coated with a natural resin to preserve them and make them into the leather we use in our products.

The natural materials we use in our bags make every one unique and one-of-a-kind – just like you! You’ll be able to feel the natural textures of the leaves on your bag and since each one is hand-crafted by fairly paid crafting communities, you can rest easy knowing that your purchase is completely karma-neutral.

And what’s more, all of our vegan leather products are PETA approved and, as part of our Jungley project, we are working with Eden Reforestation to plant a tree for every item sold. Give a gift back to the planet as well as your loved one with Jungley - heartfelt gifts that don't cost the earth!

Dimensions: W 28cm x H 21cm

Made from teak leaf leather and cotton.

Also available in a range of vibrant colours.