Personalised Eid Mubarak Photo Cube

SKU: PER3282-001

Celebrate Eid with your friends and family as you have days of celebration on Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. It can be difficult to find the perfect Eid Mubarak gift to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Why not give them a personalised gift full of joy and happiness! 

“Eidi” or “eidia” is a gift often given at Eid to family or friends. After Eid prayers it is time for the celebrations with loved ones. Eid Mubarak!  Our Eid gifts feature a beautiful intricate moon, the perfect symbol for an Eid gift as Islam follows the lunar calendar, based on phases of the Moon.

This beautifully personalised Eid Mubarak Photo Cube will make a memorable Eid Mubarak present as you give your loved one well wishes and will demonstrate just what an important role they play in your life. A chance to reflect on past memories, this photo cube will make a stunning keepsake box that will hold a special place in your loved one’s heart.

This personalised oak cube can be used as both a photo frame fitting images of 15 x 10 cm or 6" x 4". The lid can be lifted to reveal a storage unit. In the living room the box could be filled with sweets that are offered to guests upon visit or filled with keepsakes from a special event in life. Eid Mubarak comes as standard on this design motif.

You can personalise the lid on the top with a matching heartfelt message for Eid and our amazing team will engrave your message into your photo cube for you with heart and love on this special occasion. Personalise with a message, underneath the ‘Eid Mubarak’ script text and crescent moon, for a truly memorable Hiba that your loved one will adore and store precious memories in.

Message: Up to 60 characters

Dimensions: 19 cm x 19cm x 15.2cm