5 Standout Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Still Be Raving About Next Year

15 JUNE 2022


Father’s Day (Sunday 19th June) is almost upon us, so why not treat your amazing dad to a heartfelt personalised gift this Father’s Day? After all, you wouldn’t be who you are today without his unconditional support and guidance, so get him a gift that symbolises your undying bond.

Each gift in this guide is personalised and hand finished especially for your dad. Your wonderful dad deserves a gift as unique as he is, that has been personalised with heart by our dedicated team of artisan creatives. He’s sure to treasure such a special meaningful gift forever - a gift is for life, not just for Father’s Day!

Here’s our useful gift guide to our top 5 standout Father’s Day gifts that he’ll still be raving about next year and beyond!

1. Personalised Jetsetter Denim Wash Bag

Is your dad a high flying, fashionable jetsetter (or at least likes to think he is), then this is the ideal gift for him! 

Stylish and practical, he’ll be able to transport securely while they’re off on their travels or on holiday with this beautiful, luxury wash bag.

Personalised Jetsetter Denim Wash Bag £35.00

2. Personalised Slate Man Cave Sign

If your dad likes the peace and quiet of his sacred man space then he'll certainly appreciate his very own man cave sign - intruders beware! 

Ideal for a dad who’s always fixing and tinkering with their DIY projects or if he wants a little slice of heaven away from the hustle and bustle of parent life. A premium quality gift that’ll mark his territory in style.

Personalised Slate Man Cave Sign £16.99

3. Personalised World's Best Dad Grooming Kit - Brown

For a dad who presents himself as a dapper gentleman, this sleek male grooming kit will leave him feeling ready to take on 007. 

From scissors to tweezers and nail shapers, this stylish gift comes filled with everything your dad will need to be a perfectly groomed gentleman.

Personalised World's Best Dad Grooming Kit - Brown £25.00

4. Personalised 11-Pocket Leather Tool Belt

Made with ultra strong leather, this sleek tool belt is perfect for keeping all essential tools safe and secure when working on his projects. 

A super handy(man) gift for dad who likes to think of himself as a DIY maestro always doing odd jobs around the house, even if he’s more DI-Y is the shelf still wonky!

Personalised 11-Pocket Leather Tool Belt £29.99

5. Personalised Engraved Black Powerbank

No matter where your dad is he’ll be able to charge his phone on the go and stay online in this evermore connected world. 

Made with hardwearing aluminium, this charming and functional gift is ideal for a dad who’s a bit of tech wiz. Whilst the special message personalisation is a constant reminder of his living family.

Personalised Engraved Black Powerbank £24.99

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We hope we’ve given you a small glimpse as to what stunning Father’s Day gifts we have to offer this Father’s Day. Get your dad a last minute Father’s day gift so beautiful and memorable that’ll seem like you’ve had his gift planned months in advance!

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We’d love to know what you’re going to get your dad this Father’s Day. If you see something you love in our gift guide or have suggestions as to other amazing Father’s Day gifts you’d like to see featured - be sure to comment below. We’d love to hear from you!


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