5 Heartfelt Personalised Gifts for the Man of Your Dreams this Valentine’s

28 jANUARY 2022


What do you get the man of your dreams to show how much you love him? Don’t worry, we’re here to help with a handy guide for what's popular right now, that's sure to make a wonderfully thoughtful gift for that special man in your life this Valentine’s Day.

We know finding that perfect Valentine’s Gift for him can be difficult. After all, he’s the rock in your life, you want something truly special. Why not get him a delightful, premium quality personalised gift - it’s the perfect way to show him how much he means to you at Valentine’s.

Each gift is one-of-a-kind, so carries a deep meaning and sentimental value which cannot be quantified - why settle for a generic gift that’ll be quickly forgotten?

1. Personalised Luxury 12 Piece Watch Box

It’s time to treat that special man in your life to a personalised luxury watch box - keep his watches safe and looking fabulous ready when he goes out. 

With a super-soft interior of the finest grey felt, scratches will be a thing of the past and pesky dust will be kept away. It's certainly a great alternative to throwing them in your bedside drawer!

Personalised Luxury 12 Piece Watch Box £40.00

2. Personalised Men's Dual Leather Woven Bracelet

For a stylish boyfriend or husband who wants to make a statement, get him some jewellery. After all, bling is always in! One of the standout pieces in our collection is the personalised men’s leather woven bracelet which just oozes style and sophistication. 

Hard wearing, and easy to wear, not only is it effortlessly cool in design, but it’s super practical too (just like him!). 

Personalised Men's Dual Leather Woven Bracelet In Black £29.99

3. Personalised Weekender Denim Wash Bag

Or is your loved one more of a jet-setting type - a keen traveller who’s always on the move. A personalised weekender denim wash bag would make the perfect Valentine’s Gift for Him! 

The ultimate gift for a romantic Valentine’s holiday, that’ll add a touch of luxe to his bathroom routine - don't forget to pack the toiletries! 

Personalised Weekender Denim Wash Bag £35.00

4. Personalised Brass Traveller's Compass

A beautifully romantic Valentine’s gift for him that’ll demonstrate your dying love for each other, he’s sure to love a personalised travellers compass. 

You won’t get lost on life’s great adventure as you’ll always have each other and this compass is a gorgeous symbol of that. He's sure to keep this meaningful gift close to his heart forever. 

Personalised Brass Traveller's Compass £37.99

5. Personalised Super Large Man Bowl

Finally, a bowl big enough to match his appetite! A funny and cheeky Valentine’s Day gift, this personalised large man bowl is the ultimate gift for a husband looking to show off his eating endurance. 

It's big enough to fit a whole box of cereal, a whole bag of chunky man chips or whatever else he loves to scoff. I’m hungry now, don’t know about you!

Personalised Super Large Man Bowl £21.99

We’d love to hear from you!

We hope we’ve given you some ideas as to what to get the man of your dreams this Valentine’s Day. 

These are some of our favourite Valentine’s Gifts for Him, and just a small taster of what you could get! If you’ve been inspired to buy one of our meaningful, handcrafted Valentine’s gifts, check out our standout Personalised Valentine’s Gifts for Him collection. A fabulous range of ultra-special Valentine’s Gifts, that are sure to make this Valentine’s one to remember!

What Valentine’s Gift are you going to get that amazing guy, who never fails to brighten up your world? We'd love to hear what your favourite Valentine's Gifts for him are. Be sure to comment below!


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