Personalised Natural Vegan Leather Cork Wallet

SKU: PER3386-001

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Becoming more conscious of the environment and living a sustainable lifestyle has never been more key to helping the planet. Cork leather is a popular alternative to real leather as it's not only 100% eco-friendly but is light, durable, vegan and ethical. If the man in your life is thinking about making the change, or already leads the sustainable lifestyle this stylish vegan-eco- and environmentally friendly cork leather wallet in a lightcreamy brown is an ideally suited gift. The wallet is fitted with a main compartment for the monetary bills with additional 9 card slots, a coin holder and 3 more slotted compartments. At 11cm, it's a pocketable, easy to carry and lightweight product. It's monogrammable with up to 3 charactersfor a touch of class and thoughtfulness to a gift.