Personalised Count The Years Healthy Vegan Chocolate Hamper Snacks Box

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Get your loved one a stylish personalised Count The Years Healthy Vegan Chocolate Hamper Snacks Box. After all, what’s another year between friends? You’re still 21 just with another year's experience! A standout birthday gift or Christmas present for that special person in your life. Healthy and delicious treats with an eco friendly message!

If you are looking to kickstart a vegan healthier, eco conscious lifestyle, do it in style with a beautiful snack box full of low calorie snacks with a naughty edge. Fancy some chocolate buttons, no problem! All the snacks in our healthy snack box selection are vegan and they are kinder for the planet, as no animals are harmed or exploited in their production.

The Healthy Vegan Chocolate Snack Box contains:
  • I Love Snacks 70% Cocoa Belgian Chocolate Buttons 22g
  • Hip Mini Bar Salted Caramel Oat Milk 25g
  • Hip Mini Bar - Salted Pretzel 25g
  • LoveRaw Milk Chocolate Orange Bar 30g
  • Doisy & Dam Ballers Dark Chocolate Crunchy Balls 25g
  • LoveRaw Cream-Filled Wafer 43g
  • Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Coconut Bytes 26g
  • HIP Original Oat Milk Chocolate 70g
Please note, these snacks may contain allergens such as nuts, dairy and soy. Please check the allergens for each snack on the product list here. Full ingredients list can be found on the back of the product.

Please note that a snack substitution might be made to replace an item if it is unavailable.

‘I promise to stop counting the years after this one’ comes as standard text. ‘I promise’ is written in white text on the top line, and is placed in a dark blue banner in white text. ‘Stop’ is written in a bold red text in capital letters with a white outline. ‘Counting the years’ comes in white text with ‘after this one’ written below that in red text. Your personalisation will appear in a dark blue banner in white text at the bottom of this striking image.

Add a personalisation to your loved one’s stunning hand-finished snack box, for a truly one-of-a-kind gift, they’re bound to cherish forever.

This stunning handcrafted wooden snack box is more than just a handy place to store these amazing, healthy, vegan snacks. You can keep it forever as a practical storage box for more snacks in the future, or keepsakes - the choice of yours! What will you keep in your box? What’s more, each beautiful design can be personalised adding your own unique stamp to this standout snack box like no other.

Key Features:
  • Dimensions: 24 cm x 18 cm x 7 cm
  • Available with either a Light Blue or a Dark Blue background
  • Line 1: Up to 25 characters
  • Line 2: Up to 25 characters