Go Explore - Large Photo Keepsake Box

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SKU: PER4513

Struggling to find that perfect gift for a budding explorer or keen traveller, look no further than our beautiful go explore large photo keepsake box. A great place for collecting magical moments from journeys of excitement and wonder.

Our large beautifully handcrafted wooden keepsake boxes have space for 4 special photos for your loved one. There’s also plenty of storage for ultra-meaningful mementos which evoke precious joyful memories from the past. An amazing Christmas or Birthday gift for someone special to show how much they mean to you for a thoughtful gift they’re bound to treasure forever.

Please note that photos are not included and will need to be printed and added to their stylish keepsake box by you.

Available with a wide variety of stunning and vibrant glass lid designs which your loved one is bound to adore.

Dimensions: 15.2cm x 19cm x 19cm