Personalised Welsh Ash Christmas Serving Board


A fantastic show stopper to bring out on Christmas day! Present your turkey cheese and crackers or even your Christmas pudding on a wonderfully crafted board that will be used for years to come.

Made from hand crafted Welsh Ash timber every board is unique and one of a kind. The board is engraved to reveal the beautiful grain of the wood and you can personalise the board with the family name.

The boards arehandmade in the UKfromeco-friendly windfall wood(meaning that only wood from trees that have fallen is used) and feature the natural bark of the tree. The board is treated with a special food safe beeswax to make it great for use

Choose from two sizes large and small.
  • Wood is ideal for chopping as wood naturally inhibits bacterial growth.
  • Wood is kind to your knives and can be refinished over time.
  • Clean your chopping board with mild detergent and warm water and dry naturally standing up right.
  • No not soak the board or place in the dishwasher.
45cm x 26cm x 2.5cm